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13th Century

Grants were made to the priory by William Marshal, earl of Pembroke, in the early 13th century (pictures below - Willam Marshal and his Coat of Arms), the charter for which gives the name of Pill Priory prior as Philip.

William Marshal William Marshal- coat of arms

A certain Walter Malefant (Malefant of Upton, believed to be the first Malifant - however, there's nothing to show it) married Alice de la Roche and as Upton was part of the great possessions of the de la Roches, it may have come to the Malefants by this marriage. Walter was a witness to the charter of Thomas, Bishop of St. David's (1244-1256) to John de la Roche, whom was born about 1220 in Pembrokeshire, Wales and died in 1258 according to the Annales Cambriae,where he was killed fighting the Welsh at Kilgerran. This Walter was succeeded by a son and a grandson of the same name, the son married Joan, daughter of Henry Fitz Henry, and the grandson, Elizabeth, daughter of John de Londres. The former was, about 1268, a witness to the grant of Fishguard "by William de Cantinton to St. Dogmael's Abbey, to Roger Mortimer's charter to Thomas de la Roche',' and some ten years later to Thomas de la Roche's charter to Pill Priory. Thomas de la Roche was born about 1250 in Roch Castle, Roch, Pembrokeshire, Wales and died in 1313/1314, he was the son of John de La Roche and Maud Le Waleys (born about 1224 in Wales).

A confirmation grant to the priory issued by John de Roche in the mid 13th century (before 1284) lists further possessions, mainly plough lands but also the patronage of two more churches, Hubberston and Nolton. John willed that he should be buried at Pill Priory to which he bequeathed 40s. Further endowments continued to be made throughout the medieval period, including the patronage of Johnston and Pontfaen churches.

it is believed that Pill received an income of £21.00 per annum in 1291 and that 'Robert' was apparently the Prior from 1248 to 1255. Henry was the Prior before 1294.

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